1st Employee Dev / Intern at Hyphen

San Francisco, CA, United States

Posted on Apr 17 2016 (8 months ago)



(United States)

How about working with us to revolutionize how companies listen to their employees?
Hyphen (http://www.hyphenapp.io) is an "internal Glassdoor" that changes how companies listen to and engage with their employees. Hyphen allows companies to identify and solve issues before it is too late, thus increasing employee engagement, productivity, retention, and boosting company culture.
With Hyphen, companies provide a voice to every employee (on their mobile phones), empowering them to ask questions, leave comments and feedback, crowd-source any topic at any time, without fear of judgement. Hyphen analyzes this new goldmine of data and provides Management and HR with a "true heartbeat of their organization" including prioritized and actionable insights on hot topics, and driving better-informed decisions.

What you're going to work on
We have an iOS app, Android app, ReactJS webapp, integration with Slack, and have many exciting technological initiatives in our roadmap.
We are looking to bring the product to new highs especially on the web app front where we want to do CUTTING-EDGE TEXT ANALYSIS with techniques such as NATURAL LANGUAGE PROGRAMMING and amazing D3JS VISUALIZATIONS on top of that.

Join us and participate in a unique adventure. 
Hyphen is less than 1 year old and we already have a great product deployed in a number of large (paying) customers. We are currently $1M to accelerate by bringing people like you on board!
We are located in the center of San Francisco and can promise you the time of your life!

Founding team
2 des 3 fondateurs sont francais et ont une grosse experience dans la Silicon Valley.

Salary & Equity (stock) to be discussed in interview!

Looking forward to meeting you!


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