Barcelona, Spain

Posted on May 25 2016 (6 months ago)


European citizens only

Ever wondered how Mario, The Power Rangers, Stormtroopers and The Ghostbusters found those amazing jobs? They used our great job matchmaker algorithm, and none of them has ever changed of job right? Want to know why? Keep on reading.


We are based in Madrid and Barcelona (that's right, you are open to choose!), in an office working alongside with the best ruby (and mobile!) developers in Europe and Spain, you will be hands on changing forever how people find their dream jobs.


What do the people in the team have in common:

  • In the past when the Android team had the biggest challenge, they knew they could count on you.
  • If you could have for breakfast, dinner and lunch, Native apps in Android have been always your choice, even before chocolate cake.
  • You’re a programming language polyglot and the idea of working with polyglots like you, sounds like the perfect melody in your soundtrack.
  • You master git and the GitHub workflow, because we looooooove to use it!
  • Experience in large scale apps would be awesome-sauce


You have the opportunity to:

  • Constantly give ideas to improve the job matching (and lives) of millions of users worldwide
  • Use plenty of data to make unique improvements to the whole product
  • Have daily discussions, brainstorm sessions, passionate debates in small agile groups, on how to make possible for people to start working at their ideal future jobs
  • Be proud of your work! Millions of people will use it



  • You will get paid
  • Need help relocating? We will take care of that
  • Team events with your soulmates (or colleagues if you prefer), where you can crush the other team playing football or toy guns
  • Have fun every day (everybody says the same, but we do, we really really, REALLY do, promise)
  • And most importantly, you choose the ingredients on our weekly Pizza day

How does that sound to you? Incredible right?


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