Backend Developer At Camaloon at Itnig

Barcelona, Spain

Posted on Apr 24 2017 (about 7 years ago)

At Camaloon we are looking for you:

-Your biggest passion is technology. No matter what web technology stack you master, you have tried most of the stacks out there.

You will always experiment and look for the new and the better, you have tried different technologies throughout your professional career and keep obsessed with improving efficiency, performance, robustness, maintainability, usability while being able to provide the coolest user experience out there.

You enjoy developing great products. In developing, you keep a coherent testing coverage, you are prone to use agile project management and take deadlines seriously, you are a team player and enjoy pair programming and pair problem solving.

You think out of the box and develop prototypes to prove your opinions.

You are not afraid of changing and rebuilding things and keep always a long term view of the architecture and the product. At the same time, you keep your feet on the ground and have a realistic view of the priorities and resources available in the business.

You enjoy tech discussions, you keep informed and often participate in tech events.

Camaloon is a Tech company that focuses on providing the best designer tool in the market to be able to print a growing variety of products. We strive to make design and designing accessible to every small business. We do not make bits only, we have our own factory in Barcelona and a network of suppliers that print products and ship hundreds of boxes every day to many countries around the world. In order to streamline our operations, we are also developing a logistical and production software platform.


Top skills required are:

- Great experience in HTTP based technologies.

Top necessary technical skills:

- Ruby and RoR

- Javascript client-side frameworks

- Git / Github

Greatly valued:

- Systems administration


- Continuous tech challenge and room for experimentation and learning.

- Transparency, honesty and empowerment.

- Responsability in architecture and product decision making.

- Flexible schedule (!= remote).

- Broad and diverse start-up ecosystem that provides much more than a job experience.

- Market salary.


- Ping pong championships - we have our own ping pong table at the office!

- Itnig Breakfasts, summer BBQs, Afterwork beers, Team lunch, etc.

- Afterwork activities such as Laser tag, Poker, Table games or LAN Parties

- Conferences, events and workshops onsite at @itnig

Most important:

- The opportunity to contribute developing a kick-ass product and be part of a great team of developers!


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