BACKEND ROLE at Nederlia

Barcelona, Spain

Posted on May 25 2016 (6 months ago)


European citizens only

Take a deep breath and picture for a moment what it would look like to be working on a product that is being used across 31 countries, from Spain to Malaysia, from Brazil to Norway – millions of people use its different sites. And by millions, we mean MILLIONS (250 as an average!)

On top of it, and that's where you would come on stage within the technology core, you would be working in London, Barcelona, Oslo or Stockholm because that's one of the key elements we have. Our tech hubs (around the globe) are there to empower you and your team, so that you can build state of art systems and scale a platform called to be the main competitor of Google and Facebook in terms of users.


What is like a day at the office?

  • Together with the team and multiple stakeholders within the company, define and design data infrastructure and distributed systems.
  • Develop and implement systems using the best development practices and tools
  • Help define our development environment, and communicate the best development practices within the organization (i.e. code reviews, testing, etc).
  • Continuously monitor the quality of our systems, design measurements to monitor their health (both the engineering systems and data quality).
  • Keep on top of the latest and greatest developments in the cloud, distributed systems, and data science fields.


What do your colleagues look like in terms of skills and knowledge?

  • They're fluent in multiple development languages (static and dynamic), and interested in learning more, because that's what thrives you and them!
  • They have an innate curiosity and willingness to understand systems design, algorithms, and data structures.
  • The cloud is one of their best friends (they call it either Steve, Nikola etc.).
  • And "la crème de la crème" they are big fans of the “big data” technologies like Spark, MapReduce, Hadoop, Kafka, Storm, Cassandra etc. (Remember, 250 Million users generate huge quantity of data!)


Five words come to your mind right? Are those words: "I want to know more!"?


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HI , I came across your post on techmeabroad , and hence this message. My github id is saurshaz. Skype id is also the same I am interested . Please look at my candidacy . Attached is my cv also Some links for what I am and what i have done ~Saurabh


Good morning Saurabh! First of all I hope that your Monday looks great over India :) The reason I'm writing you is that we received your application for a position as a Backend Engineer in Barcelona, through our website and we thought that you have a very interesting profile! Nevertheless I want to be completely honest and tell you that for these positions we require that you have a VISA work permit for EU or a EU passport, therefore I'm afraid we cannot proceed with your application at this point. Still if in the future another opportunity as a developer opens up (or this requirement changes), I'll make sure to reach you and present you the role. Hope that you have a great week Saurabh!