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Berlin, Germany

Posted on Jun 08 2016 (about 8 years ago)

About the client:

“People who love to eat are always the best people” the famous cook Julia Child once said. So, not to keep the best people starving, this rapidly developing online food-delivery platform has transformed the European online food market and has opened millions of customers the world of opportunities with more than 30,000 restaurants all over the country. An energetic team of more than 100 people is working relentlessly on our bleeding edge platform, to advance and enrich not only the variety of menus, but also build a better customer-friendly world. If you are determined, energetic and motivated team-player and gourmet, don`t hesitate and join the company, where you will feel like at home.

Your Role:

By undertaking Cassandra Database Administrator developer job with relocation to Germany, you will become responsible for the design, management and maintenance of the databases and will join our Agile and Scrum-oriented Data Infrastructure & Analytics team. Your willingness to contribute and share knowledge, result-orientation and ability to perform well under the pressure, good problem-solving skills would be very helpful. Cassandra Database Administrator developer position with relocation entails you to:

  • Design databases to assist other team parts;
  • Support our software engineers in review of their database schemes and making right vendor decision;
  • Measure and better the usage of the database layer;
  • Support ETL and DWH modeling whenever necessary;
  • Plan capacities, scheduled upgrades and cluster balancing;
  • Balancing management of our database systems and database liberation;
  • Be ready to share your professional opinion if necessary;
  • Be determined to deliver full availability of data across all of our database clusters while monitoring all features of their lifecycle;
  • Extend your knowledge of distributed systems (data consistency issues and conflict resolution at scale);  
  • Take an active part in a daily SCRUM standup.

Your qualification:

  • Minimum 3 years of database background, including Cassandra Experience adapting and migrating schemas in the production environment;
  • Expertise using and organizing warehouse technologies to accumulate huge amounts of data;
  • DevOps competence (Linux Administration and Troubleshooting, Continuous Integration and Deployment capabilities);
  • Passion and great knowledge of MySQL, Cassandra and etc.;
  • Good grasp of different databases (traditional relational or NoSQL) would be advantageous;
  • Background with schemas design in a CQRS/Event Sourcing spheres would be appreciated;
  • Proven expertise in Teradata, Greenplum, Redshift or other MPP solutions would be beneficial;
  • Experience with cloud providers (similar to AWS, Azure) would be welcome;
  • Proven skills with big-data technologies (Kafka, Hadoop, Spark) would be considered as a plus;
  • Willing to build new schemes for a variety of applications.

Relocation support:

You don't just get a new full-time job, you are becoming part of something bigger - the team, the community, where every single individual matters. We care about you and aim to make your Cassandra Database Administrator opportunity with relocation to Germany as smooth as possible. That`s why visa application process support, documents consulting, coverage of flight, visa expenses for you and your family is a vital part of our company's support during your relocation process.

Additional information:

Among great career opportunities for Cassandra Database Administrator with relocation, you will certainly enjoy great freedom to explore and expand horizons of our rapidly growing company with a very energetic, well-knit team of people from all around the globe. Competitive salary and custom work with the hardware of your choice is just a particle of our care about you. Opportunities to take part in a great variety of educational events, open-source software - friendliness, great team events and free fresh lunches and sports benefits will definitely turn your work with us in the interesting journey!

Germany is one of the most advanced economies in the EU, that turns developer`s relocation to Germany into a truly great and unique experience. Berlin, as the heart of the country, has accumulated the best of the best and will pleasantly surprise you with generous social security benefits and great life standards, effective educational, medical and housing systems of excellent standard and state-provided integration courses. Not even mentioning fantastic cultural and historical heritage, that will charm you and won`t let be bored for even a second. On the other hand, Berlin is a significant center for IT and technology, as you will appreciate a great variety of conferences and educational events taking place here.


For additional details on this role contact - Anna Zrazhevska

Skype: ann_zr 

Have a great day!


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