CEPH Jedi Padawan - Internship at Cloud Temple

Paris, France

Posted on Apr 27 2015 (about 9 years ago)



Are you skilled enough to master the storage ring ?

Join the Cloud Temple, the premium Cloud Hosting provider in France, hosting critical production environment for law firms, major industries, private banking, insurance companies and major state agencies.

As a Padawan (intern) we would take care of your training, so one day you join the temple as a fully qualified Jedi.

What you must master in the Force :

  • Heavy Linux kernel skills
  • Heavy automation skills and all the surrounding stacks ( Puppet / Chef / Ansible / Razor)
  • Bash
  • Python

What would make a difference in a job interview ?

  • Caps / Beer-pong / Fossball special skills
  • Knowledge of Spine / Leaf networks configuration and deployment (and work of master Lapukhov)

We will take care of your "Stagiaire" Visa and OFII state agency contribution.

May the force be with you !


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