Cloud Operations Manager at madeforgoods

Shanghai, China

Posted on Mar 01 2016 (over 8 years ago)

Cloud Operations Manager/Develops Manager

#Company Key Facts:

Startup established in 2014

#B2B #SaaS #O2O #IOT

Connected goods solutions for: cosmetics, packaged foods, drinks, auto parts

Product tagging to solve distribution problems: distributor incentives, parallel markets, consumer loyalty and data collection, anti-counterfeiting

#Our vision:

Distribution for consumer goods – made plug&play & frictionless

#Job description:

DevOpsAWS, Aliyun, Bauduyun

Geo-DNS (AWS route 53) NGINX EC2 Elastic

Beanstalk Docker Amazon

Cloud Watch Distributed DB setup, Master-slave configuration Java, MongoDB, SQL&NoSQL


Start-up minded

5years DevOps

Interested in IOT


15-20K RMB/month


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