CTO at CanX

Vancouver, Canada

Posted on Aug 30 2017 (over 6 years ago)

Come to Canada with a CTO position, shares in a rapidly growing company, and free housing! 

We are a local group of Indo-Canadian-born entrepreneurs with proven success in the past. 

Our start up is about to embark on an up and coming industry with the power of technology. 

You will be given:

- Free housing

- Shares in a rapidly growing company 

- CTO position 

- Sponsorship

This job is for a developer with 4 years of experience minimum. 

Apply now! 

PS: This position is for a passionate and ambitious person only as we are an early stage start up at idea stage, therefore you will have no salary for at least 6-12 months while we gain profits.  The benefit is that you will have a significant equity stake in a company that can be worth millions in the future, all in Canada!


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