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Posted on Sep 22 2015 (about 3 years ago)



About the Role

Is “Automation” your middle name? Are you secretly building Skynet in your spare time? As a DevOps engineer at Outscale, you’ll be doing something close to that. Outscale DevOps engineers aren’t SysAdmins – we’re engineers who build smart, automated solutions that reduce the time spent on the “operations” part of the job. We firmly believe in building these maintainable, automated solutions now in order to save our energy later.


Build highly reusable infrastructure tools to manage Outscale cloud resources
Use Puppet, Docker, and other tools to build a fast, scalable infrastructure.
Work collaboratively with developers and product to provision new services and smooth deployment processes.
When our automated tools fail to recover from infrastructure problems, respond to those problems promptly and account for them in the automation.

Experience building highly available, scalable, and reliable solutions with both software and infrastructure.
Software development skills with good intuition for building reusable, modular code.
A passion for building scalable, fault-tolerant applications and infrastructure.
An acute sense for debugging issues quickly and comfort doing so in a production environment.
Eagerness to learn new tech stacks and move fast.

Experience with several of the following: Python, Puppet, Docker, Jenkins, MongoDB, Nginx, EC2 Cloud APIs (or other cloud providers like Outscale, Azure, etc.)

If you are based in the US and feel you have the talent to make a difference in our company send your resume below.


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