Front-End Developer at Edyn

Oakland, CA, United States of America

Posted on Mar 12 2015 (about 9 years ago)

About Edyn:

Welcome to the Connected Garden

About the job:

Edyn is building the next generation of agricultural engineering products and we are looking for awesome engineers like you! What we're looking for in our employees is people who seek to work in a small (downright tiny) company and have experience working in either app development or consumer electronics. If you are a passionate engineer who shivers at the idea of working for Google or Facebook, join us! Please provide Linkedin and Git profile in your message.


The Edyn smart garden system lets you know what’s happening in your garden at all times. Whether you’re a novice gardener or managing a small-scale organic farm, Edyn is there to take the guesswork out of gardening. Inserted in the soil, the Edyn Garden Sensor gathers and analyzes data about changing weather and soil conditions. The Edyn App displays this data as a real-time snapshot of your garden, and pushes alerts and suggestions to maximize plant health. A separate component, the Edyn Water Valve, uses the data collected by the sensor to smartly control your existing watering system, watering your plants only when needed. With advanced tracking technology and intuitive design, the Edyn smart garden system keeps you connected to your garden or farm so you can grow healthier plants.

Why us?

Edyn is changing the world of agriculture and gardening. We seek passionate and exceptional engineers to join our world class team.


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