Front End Engineer at EF Labs

Shanghai, China

Posted on Jun 11 2015 (almost 9 years ago)

Who Are We

We create applications which are used to conduct online teaching and education. Our applications have been used by millions of users. Our front end code has been run on millions of browsers world wide.

In order to enable this magnitude of development we look for the best people in the industry to join our teams. We give our developers an environment in which they can be creative and innovative. We encourage collaboration, adoption of new technologies and an agile work environment.

Who Are You

You want to create the next generation of front end applications. Whether it’s the web or mobile devices, you believe that JavaScript has a strong influence on the way we build responsive, efficient and snappy apps. But you’re not just a JS fanboy (or girl); you can talk about the advantages and disadvantages of JS; understand the dangers of weakly-typed languages; and know how to avoid them. You know all the little idiosyncrasies in JS and you’ve learned to like them (or at least deal with them).

You are a strong believer of the DRY principle, you like to write re-usable code (and open source it), you like modularity and encapsulation, you can use various module loading systems and you can’t wait for ES6 modules to be common practice.

And last, but not least - you want to learn and teach.

What We Want From You

 Ability to code. We don’t care how many years you code, as long as you’re good at it. Show us a Github repo you’re proud of, public contributions to open source projects, blog posts you’ve written about technical issues or anything else you think will show us you’re a good coder.


Familiarity with the JS ecosystem. You have worked with various tools and libraries. You can choose the right tool for the job. You have used MVC frameworks to build complex web apps. You know why they are important and you are able to explain and discuss it.


Ability to solve problems intelligently. You don’t brute-force your way into a solution. You know what is runtime complexity and why it matters, you understand I/O and memory limitations and how they affect user experience.


Ability to work in a team. You like sharing ideas, discussing solutions, fighting for what you consider is the right solution, but considering that you may be wrong. You can integrate your code with others’ code and can read others’ code.


You know how to use Git, you can do cross-browser compatibility, you can write HTML and CSS (and preferably LESS/SASS/etc.) and you understand the importance of unit testing.


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