Full Stack "MEAN" Developper at THE 3 MONKEYS

MIAMI, FL, United States of America

Posted on Jul 24 2016 (almost 8 years ago)




We are a dynamic internet start-up with multiple products online. We working working with the fastest growing Miami’s startup companies. Our last project aim to develop a market space between internet emergent starts and famous brands to create new product ambassadors.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a motivated Full Stack NodeJS developer based Miami! If you are ready to be part of young tech Startup that will be the next big thing, then we want you! We are a cutting edge, young, driven, ambitious, respectful, open minded and dynamic team with a true Bay area mindset. Awarder from Emerge Americas our office located in the most famous Miami downtown incubator.

You will be train by a senior developer on the latest technologies and methodologies to become a real "Hacker". You will be working within a cutting edge team focused on new development and optimization for our high traffic web.

Job Description

- Own the entire development lifecycle, spanning from planning through implementation, be part of the day to day start up life and realize code

- Produce high quality, maintainable code with great test coverage

- Future-proof the Sauce website to handle ever increasing scale

- Collaborate with the team lead to take over the application model

- Ensure a development methodology following the TDD process

- Contribute your expert thoughts and ideas during company sprint meetings

- Write “clean" code and produce detailed specifications per industry standards

- Contribute in all phases of the development lifecycle

- Develop and deploy new features to facilitate related procedures and tools as required

- Defining and implementing APIs (RESTful, XML-RPC, etc.)

Required Skills

- Be a master the trendy MEAN Stack: MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, NodeJS

- Experience with Web Based platforms with solid understanding of MVC, OOP and Modular Design Principles

- Excellent knowledge in relational databases as MySQL and data structures.

- Proficient skills in front technologies including HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap etc


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Hello I am a developper. I have 15 years experience on web technologies, and 6 years experience on nodejs / mongob / bootstrap SAAS development. Currently I am the lead & full stack dev on 3 websites ( real on production websites with real people connecting, not personal dummy prototypes ) , and i am specialized in online health services. My skills includes - but are not limited to : external API consuming including payment services, google APIs, data optimisation and encryption ( french "online health services" requirements ), server administration ( Debian / CentOS : from install to deployment to production ), heavy code optimization using nodejs big force : streams ! etc. etc. I am not in the need a job : I've got 3. But I am ready to "pass the baton" if it is worth it, and if we match. If the position is still no filled, and if you want to know more about me, please tell me ! Best regards, Ivan


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