Golang Developer at SpotOn Connections

Manila, Philippines

Posted on Feb 03 2020 (over 4 years ago)



Job requirements:

  • Bachelor degree or above in computer or mathematics
  • Based on the microservices architecture, responsible for the management and development of all functions of the backend and front-end Api, and continuously improve the code quality, scalability and maintainability
  • Have at least two years of golang project experience and more than three years
  • Project experience in other languages ​​(PHP / C ++) Proficient in MySQL application development, familiar with database principles and common performance optimization techniques, as well as NoSQL principles, usage scenarios and restrictions, proficient in redis; Familiar with at least one message queue Kafka / Rabbitmq / Redis Program self-test work and participate in system integration and joint debugging;
  • Experience in distributed system design and development is preferred.
  • Proficient in TCP / IP and HTTP protocols, including but not limited to RPC, call strategy, etc .; protobuf / JSON serialization protocol is preferred

Salary range:

  • 28-45K


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