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Berlin, Germany

Posted on Jun 08 2016 (almost 8 years ago)

About the client:

This company is the one of the world's dominant providers of original in-store customer solutions, that invests its` endless creativity, ingenuity and technology in transformation of the customer experience into something bigger. They help world`s most successful brands to personalize their content, give it unbelievable depth of the detail and develop great demonstration packages, that provide customer with better information for effective solutions and happiness and, on the other hand, allows companies to maximise their sales and create loyal client base.

Your Role:

JavaScript Web Developer position in our company will give you an opportunity to flourish and take advantage of your natural creativity in our energetic product team! On the other hand, we are looking for a deep fascination with software development process, endless wish to learn, design, simplify and dream up something new in all our candidates for JavaScript Web Developer job with relocation to Germany. If all above applies to you, you are very welcome to our squad of coding ninjas and masterminds! Your work with us will give you an opportunity to:

  • Take active part in the selection process of  technology stack for our projects;
  • Be ready to help team members in our spirit of cross project environment;
  • Join work on our new big media project;
  • Integrate your passion about bleeding-edge technology within your work (static site generation, cordova application development and SPA);
  • Enjoy sharing and gaining new knowledge in our best Agile spirit.

Your qualification:

  • Background with establishment and launch of new products or features would be ideal;
  • Fantastic skills with JavaScript and passion about the fresh technology updates in JS community;          
  • Thorough knowledge of HTML5, CSS and web APIs;
  • Great insight into Object Oriented Programming and Design Patterns;          
  • Flux application architecture competence;              
  • Bravery and good background in face of work with libraries like React, webpack, Babel;
  • Experience with single-page apps development process;
  • Ability to take part in server-side advancement (Hapi, express);
  • Familiarity with “Git-Kung fu” would be appreciated;
  • English language proficiency.

Relocation support:

You don't just get a new full-time job, you are becoming part of something bigger - the team, the community, where every single individual matters. We care about you and aim to make your relocation to Germany as smooth as possible. That`s why visa application process support, documents consulting, coverage of flight, visa expenses and living arrangements for you and your family is vital part of our company's support during your relocation process.

Additional information:

JavaScript Web Developer opportunity with relocation to Germany is so much more than a position or a full-time contract! We perceive it as an opportunity to be part of our family and turn you job into full-time passion, unique experience in one of the most advanced countries of EU! We do our best for our words to be confirmed by our actions, as we have an acting flexible hours system and opportunity to work from home from time to time, a freedom to select own hardware and free days for self-development, excellent compensation package and cutting-edge application stack. We also hope to make your relocation to Germany enjoyable by providing free individual German classes in our super convenient and modern office and integrating you in our vivid and friendly team through a wide variety of extracurricular events and etc. Above all you will have an opportunity to discover great career opportunities for JavaScript Web Developer position with relocation, actualize your potential and turn spectacular ideas to life!



For additional details on this role contact - Anna Zrazhevska

Skype: ann_zr 

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Is there any chance for abroad candidates? I'm asking it, because I'm from Brazil and I'm looking for new opportunities abroad, and this one catch me up, I would like to enroll for this. so let me know, please. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Thank in advance.