Junior iOS Developer at Screen Interaction

Stockholm, Sweden

Posted on Dec 02 2016 (4 months ago)

Our development team is growing (yah!) and we are looking for more great colleagues that want to work on cutting edge and revolutionary projects. Together with our team you will be building new apps and developing existing production codebases. You'll work together with our talented engineers, project managers and designers to create award-winning apps.

What we do
We have a love and passion for what we do - and we think you do to. As a developer you will get the opportunity to work in a variety of type of project, from small and fast concepts to extended engagements in big teams. You will get to influence decisions in your project and you will have super skilled colleagues to share experiences and learnings with. We work in multidisciplinary teams and we always try to learn from each other. 

Perks of Screen Interaction
We have breakfast every day, we attend to workshops and go to conferences together. A part of the life at Screen Interaction also includes lunch gatherings, everything from Mortal Kombat tournaments to functional programming talks and workshop, hack nights and competence seminars. What will you put on the agenda?

Who we are looking for
As a base we expect you to have a degree in Computer Science, or equivalent practical experience. You’ll be focused on iOS and Apple platforms, but we think it’s cool if you have knowledge and experiences in other programming languages, platforms, and related fields. It is important for us that you are eager to develop your skills, and we’re excited about giving you space and opportunity to do this. We value diversity, braveness and a humble mindset. You should not be afraid of asking questions!

As a developer at Screen Interaction you will build apps with the end user in mind. To achieve this you will collaborate closely with visual and user experience designers. As a developer you will be supported with code reviews, continuous integration systems, and great QA engineers.

You are familiar with the Obj-C and/or Swift and the UIKit framework. We believe that you have built one or more apps that you’re proud of. In these you include some or most features common to modern apps; networking, local storage, custom views, push notifications, animations, 3rd party dependencies. Don’t worry if you don’t have experience with unit testing, agile process, or working in big teams, but we hope you are excited about these possibilities.

How to apply
If you're interested in the position, please don't hesitate to apply by uploading your CV and maybe some links to thing you’ve made!

Come and join our super team at Screen Interaction!

We are looking for the most talented developers to work together with our super team creating award winning apps! 
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