Machine Learning Engineer at Beautifeye

Dublin, Ireland

Posted on May 01 2015 (about 9 years ago)


Beautifeye is a young and dynamic Irish tech-startup that is introducing a new way to carry out social media monitoring: instead of listening to textual conversations on social networks, Beautifeye looks at the two billion images that customers of brands share every day on Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr ..

We have developed a scalable and cutting-edge Machine Learning and Computer Vision technology which we use to automatically aggregate and analyze millions of images. Our technology can automatically tell what is the subject of an image, if there is a brand’s logo and much more.

At Beautifeye we know that at the core of every innovation there are great people! This is the reason why..

  • We created a team of high-profile entrepreneurs passionate about technology and computer science.
  • We joined Wayra – Telefonica accelerator.
  • We are already serving happy customers!


We are currently looking for a software engineer to develop machine learning algorithms and who loves applying machine learning techniques to a wide variety of problems, in a way that allows human intelligence and computing power to produce better results than either alone could have achieved.


  • Using open-source machine learning libraries to solve prediction problems (e.g. scikit-learn, Wowpal Wabbit, LibLinear, libsvm, caffe, and other deep learning packages)
  • Training and testing large-scale visual classifiers
  • Design annotation strategies to generate novel training sets
  • Tweak and adapt existing learning algorithms to customer’s needs
  • Productise machine learning tools and make them scalable to solve large datasets containing images and text


  • Strong statistical and mathematical skills
  • Statistical Learning
  • Computer Vision ( image / video classification, object detection )
  • Deep Learning, Large margin classifiers
  • Unsupervised learning techniques
  • social media analysis is a plus
  • python, C++, matlab, bash
  • linux, AWS


  • We’re a casual, open-minded team that likes to have fun in and out of the office, but serious about our commitment to our customers.
  • We offer flexible working hours, and, as we’re growing so quickly, the opportunity to contribute to multiple areas of the business.
  • We are situated right in the middle of the beautiful and vibrant Dublin: home of the most prestigious IT firms in the world. Our neighbours are Facebook, Google, Linkedin and Twitter!

If this is not enough to convince you to come and join us, please note that Ireland is also nurturing the hottest ecosystem of star-ups in Europe.

If you want to know more about Dublin and Ireland check out


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