Mobile Technologies Engineer (C/C++/JS) at MotionLead

Paris, France

Posted on Jan 22 2016 (over 8 years ago)

Your key role is to build and maintain our front-end SDKs for mobile platforms. You will work on our Web and Native (in-app) SDKs. Our mobile technologies make heavy use of complex rendering engines such as ​WebGL​ and OpenGL ES​, integrate our own interpretation engine based on the ​Lua​ programming language. Your responsibilities cover:

- Developing new features to publish in multiple environments (web and in-app)
- Maintaining and iterating on our current technology
- Studying new technologies and algorithms to improve our mobile technology



- Enjoys being challenged and to solve complex problems on a daily basis
- Is able to work in teams and collaborate with others to clarify requirements
- Enjoys working iteratively, delivering fast, failing fast and learning from its mistakes
- Shows advanced programming skills including fluency in C/C++ and JavaScript
- Has experience in either iOS or Android development
- Has experience in OpenGL/WebGL programming
- Has a good understanding of low-level computer architecture in order to develop efficient code
- Considers clean code an documentation as the best tools to work in a team


- Holds an advanced academic degree in computer engineering
- Has experience in mobile or web advertising
- Has experience with 2D game engines
- Has a good understanding of how interpreters and compilers are built


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