Resident Machine Learning Software Engineer, Remote at Holberton School

Remote, CA, United States of America

Posted on Dec 12 2020 (over 3 years ago)

Resident Web Software Engineer, remote

Holberton is a revolutionary new type of software engineering school that "has no teachers, no lectures, and no upfront tuition" (Fast Company) and "helps inexperienced programmers land jobs at Apple" (CNN). It is not only disrupting the education landscape; it is literally changing the face of Silicon Valley. While the rest of the technology ecosystem struggles with diversity, Holberton school is 40 percent female and 53 percent minority (New York Times). We are driven by a passion to enable people all over the world from all walks of life to learn how to code. This is a remote position.

Holberton School is providing its education via 13 campuses across 5 continents. Our secret sauce is our software-led education that provides high-quality, scalable developer training. Checker, an internal tool that is automating the correction of students’ projects. The checker is analyzing over 10M+ lines of code per week. As part of the education team, you will contribute to animate and build an education training elite software engineers working at companies like Tesla, Apple, Rappi, LinkedIn, and Google. 

Job description

This position is a double-headed position. You will have to be both a technical mentor and a trend seeker. This is a great opportunity for someone who is excited to provide technical support while making sure that the organization is teaching the latest tech trends in Machine Learning.

As a technical mentor, you will be answering students’ questions about the Machine Learning part of our curriculum. As in the corporate world, your role will not be to give the answer but to provide guidance so that the students can find the answer and do the work by themselves. The communication will happen over chat, audio, and video, one to one or one to many including live-streamed coding sessions. You will also be in charge of reviewing some of the students' projects. You will interact with students from different cultures, located on 5 continents.

As a trend seeker, you will have to understand the tech industry trends and drive our curriculum innovation. The position requires you to discover and understand Machine Learning technologies. In parallel, you will design and create technical projects so that students can learn the latest, in-demand ML skills.

You must be fluent in English. This is a remote, full-time position that will require you to work with hundreds of students based anywhere between the timezones UTC-6 and UTC+3, therefore you must be working from somewhere between these timezones.

Key Responsibilities & Deliverables

  • Providing technical mentorship about Machine Learning technologies to students
  • Interacting with and guiding global Machine Learning students via Slack conversations, Live Coding sessions, and weekly virtual meetings
  • Creating video content featuring Machine Learning concepts
  • Researching and understanding Machine Learning trends/li>
  • Designing and updating the curriculum projects for students to learn in-demand Machine Learning skills/li>


  • 5+ years of experience in Machine Learning
  • Passion for sharing knowledge
  • Mastery of Python, as well as the ML technologies Tensorflow, Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, Keras and NoSQL database
  • Strong Math skills that relate to Machine Learning such as calculus, probability & statistics, and linear algebra
  • Great oral and written communication skills in English


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