Ruby Engineer at Nederlia

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Posted on Jan 12 2017 (about 1 year ago)

Have you always dreamt of being the one to scale up a new product- soon to be a great success? What if this product happens to be linked to one of your passions, travelling?

We're building the world's best metasearch, re-imagining hotel price comparison but to do so, we need a new colleague to help us with backend development (and maybe some front end when needed!)

Would you like to help us scaling up our web traffic from 2+M visitors to 10M by the end of the year?

We mainly use Ruby on Rails for our backend but we need a flexible colleague, who is not afraid of using other programming languages when needed- and if they can at best function to develop our future micro services :)


What will I do? 

We work in SCRUM teams so, after your daily stand-up you, will pair program with your mate, working on an API call- 'cause we all know you can make it faster!

You will take a break (we all need it after some good hard work!) having a healthy or unhealthy lunch, (that goes according to tastes).

After that, you will give feedback to your mates about the quality of a couple of PRs. You will implement a new feature from the backlog or tackle an annoying technical debt issue that you have been thinking about changing for a while.


What technologies will I be working with?

  • We work on an adaptive web application, based on React and Redux front end, which communicates with a decoupled Ruby on Rails backend
  • We keep on building our own API and work integrating third party APIs
  • We built a scalable infrastructure in the cloud, based on AWS, Docker and Continuous Deployment


Who will I be working with?

We are a team of International fellows, who we all moved to Amsterdam at some point of our lives and think that diversity is a great value. We all enjoy working on our product, delivering quality code while meeting ambitious deadlines ('cause we love challenges).

We don't wanna stick to one technology if another one could work much better. We're always open to re-evaluating choices that were made in the past.

We like to work hard-play hard. After work we sometimes like hanging out together to go grab a beer or have a nice meal somewhere. Not to mention some of the cool trips we take :)

And more than everything- no hierarchy! We love our flat structure!


Interested? Want to know more about us?

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