Senior Frontend Software Engineer at Actiondesk

San Francisco, CA, United States of America

Posted on Nov 13 2019 (over 4 years ago)




At Actiondesk, we're building the future of spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are used by around 1 billion people in the world, yet were designed in the 80's and haven't been reinvented since.

Actiondesk is a full fledged spreadsheet software with 3 key features aka superpowers:

- The ability to Import data from any data sources and having that data refreshed automatically
- The ability to tie in data from a spreadsheet to data in another system (CRM, database etc). Whenever you make a change in the spreadsheet, it reflects in the initial data source.
- The ability to trigger “actions” with an excel like formula on a one off basis or an automated schedule. Think daily slack messages or emails.

All of this using only excel-like formulas.

We're recruiting someone to be in charge of our frontend. We are a small and very ambitious team, each member has a big impact, a lot of autonomy and has fun tackling huge technical challenges on a daily basis.

You’ll be a good fit if you’re:

- Self-starting and entrepreneurial
- Passionate about building an ambitious product and solving big problems
- An expert in Javascript
- An excellent engineer with a growth mindset
- Very comfortable with uncertainty and changes
- Get shit done and don't make excuses

What we offer:
- Lots of responsibilities & autonomy
- Being one of the very first engineers of the team
- Significant technical challenges
- Being part of a top level tech team
- We're a tiny team so your impact will be significant
- Significant equity (0.5%-2.5%)
- Visa sponsorship for french citizens

Our tech stack:

Scala, Kafka, GCP, Kubernetes, Vue.js

We just went through Y Combinator and we are well funded. If you're interested in joining us in San Francisco, let us know :)


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