Senior IT Project Manager at EF Labs

Shanghai, China

Posted on Apr 09 2017 (about 7 years ago)

• Lead the development and implementation of EF Kids & Teens general IT policies;
• Lead and manage multiple IT projects (incl. implementation, testing & evaluation of various solutions);
• Manage communication about current and planned IT projects to relevant product owners, stakeholders, and support staff;
• Work with product owners and Global IT to coordinate roll-out and ensure compatibility of all digital products with school hardware/software;
• Identify and track issues, risks, dependencies, efficiencies, and ensure overall IT health of EF Kids & Teens schools;
• Lead R&D and innovations in classroom technology for EF Kids & Teens;
• Act as a liaison and promote successful collaboration between EF Kids & Teens business units and Global IT;

School Hardware
• Maintain school hardware standard & track school hardware inventories;
• Manage school hardware/mobile technology upgrades & improvements;
• Manage approval process for new school hardware orders;

Mobile Technology
• Own MDM system and act as Level 3 support for MDM/app deployment and contact point for MDM supplier (AirWatch support);
• Lead implementation, support, improvements, and overall management of mobile devices in centers in China, Russia, and Indonesia;
• Coordinate the deployment of in-house/enterprise mobile device applications;
• Lead the development/implementation of clear mobile device polices and supporting documentation for school staff;
• Manage mobile device/MDM resources and knowledge base shared with IT & product support staff;

• Minimum 5 years of prior project management experience;
• Minimum 5 years of prior experience working in IT-related field;
• Proficient in English and able to communicate at all levels;
• Have a solid understanding of PMP-level project management areas (e.g. issue, scope, schedule management, etc.);
• Strong leadership and ability to work well with other across various levels and functions;
• Be knowledgeable about computer & networking hardware (e.g. Touchscreen TVs, servers);
• Be knowledgeable about enterprise WiFi, MDM, and Windows, Android, and Apple iOS mobile platforms;

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