Senior ROR Developer - Potential CTO - Looking For A Rockstar at Tripli

Washington , DC, United States of America

Posted on Apr 20 2015 (over 9 years ago)

Tripli (pronounced Triplee) is seeking a Senior Ruby on Rails Developer / Architect to build our first major desktop and mobile application. We are looking for an incredibly bright, self-motivated Ruby on Rails rock star with real-world experience building scalable, distributed web services. You will be the first full-time Rails developer giving you the opportunity to set the foundation for our back-end architectural path.

You'll be part of a small but amazing team of innovators, Engineers, and designers that are eccentric, technical, tactical, and hard working.

What is Tripli Tripli is a fast-growing tech company changing the landscape of "travel tech commerce" with a vision of empowering locals all around the world. Starting with a vision to create a marketplace where people can turn monetize their skills by offering unique travel experiences.

Tripli is headquartered in Sterling, VA (Washington DC Metro area) and backed by seasoned entrepreneurs and advisors. Tripli is also backed by AOL and our offices are on the AOL campus.

We operate in a startup culture where we move fast, take risks, and fear mediocrity...where you're rewarded for your divergent thinking and what you whiteboard in the morning may very well be implemented in the afternoon. People who are afraid of impassioned brainstorming and rowdy Ping-Pong tournaments need not apply. We’re seeking people that are passionate and zealous about building a game changing product!

What we do. We are a smart tech startup building a product that instantly connects consumers with knowledgeable fun people. Consumers share meaningful experiences with trusted friends, and donate to great causes!

Why it matters. Finding authentic and personalized experiences is time-consuming and oftentimes elusive.

Why we are better. Tripli's smart data approach means connecting and rewarding people with amazing experiences instantly.

Why should you work with us? At Tripli, we're committed to bringing passion to the business of travel commerce. We work hard, and we're serious about what we do. But we also like to have fun.

This is a truly full stack role: you’ll work on our front end, creating an interface that tells a story and helps users feel in control of their stuff. You’ll be involved in designing a new user experience - enabling travelers connect with locals around the world. We are currently a small startup but backed by AOL.

This is an opportunity to work with a huge range of tech (Web app, mobile apps, GPS, etc.) for a startup in the U.S. that will give you an opportunity to potentially move to U.S.A. For us the biggest priority is to find the right person who is highly committed, understand the startup environment, is able to manage himself/herself without any direct supervision and is able to help us launch and grow the product in at least 2 markets.

Once we are able to successfully do this, we are open to sponsoring the right person and help with moving him/her to the U.S. This job is not right for every one but it is a great opportunity for someone who is willing to work hard, help us grow this business and prove your worth and capabilities. We are looking for people who are intelligent and creative and will treat our company as your own. You will have the opportunity to work directly with the CEO and senior staff. This isn't another tech company selling software - what you build controls a massive inventory and its a lot of fun to work on.

Every change you make, and every feature you build will be instantly used by our customers, so you’ll see the fruits of your labor everyday. Tripli is “Airbnb for your travel experiences ”.


Job Description The Ruby on Rails Architect will design, document, and be responsible for building the web services back-end. This person will be responsible for coaching junior Rails developers and maintaining the source code at a high level of integrity.

Responsibilities: -Collaborate and learn from a nimble & cross-functional team of hackers, hustlers, and product managers that don't have their heads stuck up their asses. -Design the architecture for the back-end. -Validating Continuous Integration tests. -Montoring the build status of tests. -Work closely with the iOS Development lead to design the Tripli APIs. -Work closely with the Data Science team to build Machine Learning micro projects. -Investigating new technologies and techniques to improve the system. -Work with great people that are not assholes.


  • BS in CS or related field.
  • 3+ Years of recent Ruby on Rails development experience.
  • 5+ Years of Professional experience.
  • Experience with Rails 4+.
  • Experience using Redis, MongoDB and Postgres. -Experience using Sidekiq, Resque, or RabbitMQ.
  • Experience with Rspec, Cucumber, Factory Girl, Shoulda, etc.
  • Comfortable in an Agile Development process.
  • Believer in TDD.
  • Able to demonstrate capacity to develop and implement complex algorithms.
  • Comfortable designing highly concurrent applications.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Have an insatiable love of finding and leveraging unrealized, out-of-the-box techniques.
  • Eager to work in a fast paced startup environment and want to ship products that are as beautifully built as they are designed.
  • Holistic knowledge and passion for the platform.
    • Must be available 40-45 HOURS a week
    • Must be able to work USA EST timezone from 8 AM to 5 PM (we have some flexibility here)
    • Must show continuous progress on weekly basis
    • Looking for someone who is not consistently making excuses about lack of resources and time but creatively thinking about resolving issues and making progress

Please familiarize yourself with airbnb and Uber's model and you will understand the scope of this project. We are looking for someone who is looking to stay with us for a long time and potentially move to the United States.

Salary: There are 3 options:

  1. Show us what you can do for us by investing your sweat equity, owning a piece of the company and possibly moving to the U.S. (Our preferred option)
  2. Develop a vendor/client relationship and get paid for the time you work (we don't prefer this option because it doesn't commit anyone to us for a long term).
  3. Hybrid of first two options where we work on a long term path together.


  • We'll provide you with whatever tools (displays, ergo equipment, etc.) you need to do your job creatively and joyfully.
  • We will provide you the flexibility of working remotely
  • We will pay for one international trip to any country you want to visit (Every 12 months)


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