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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Posted on Aug 09 2018 (over 5 years ago)



The application that is at the core of MessageBird is responsible for delivering SMS messages in an optimal way with the level of certainty that our customers expect is built in PHP and contains most of the knowledge of the business.

We process tens of millions of messages per day with moderate continuous traffic but huge spikes from time to time. Most of the challenges lie in long-running background processors.

We employ Event Sourcing to process the huge amount of messages and follow Domain Driven Design to develop an application that fits the needs of our stakeholders.

The application is rigorously automatically tested and continuously statically analyzed. This, along with extensive monitoring tools, gives us the confidence to deploy several times per day.


  • Design a fault-tolerant high-throughput system. The application is a foundational pillar of MessageBird - hence we strive for no down-time while also processing big spikes in message traffic and continuously deploying changes. For this our application needs to be highly-available and that requires certain knowledge when designing systems
  • Refactor legacy parts of the system to sustain team and company growth. From a purely technical perspective this means introducing modern libraries and approaches into a system that handles heavy traffic in a safe way. What is more important, is educating the rest of the team about this.
  • Teach others. One of the most important roles of a senior engineer is improving the knowledge level of the team.

Your qualification

  • Proactive attitude
  • Team player
  • Able and willing to teach others
  • In-depth knowledge of software design
  • Experience with refactoring legacy systems
  • Experience with test-driven development
  • Grasp of high-availability infrastructure concepts

Will be a plus

  • Experience with Domain Driven Design
  • Experience with high traffic systems
  • In-depth knowledge of MySQL
  • Experience with Docker
  • In-depth knowledge of Symfony components


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