DevOps Engineer at Masabi

London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Posted on Jul 26 2016 (over 7 years ago)

Who we are!
Masabi is the world’s leading provider of mobile ticketing solutions for the transport industry. Our products are used every day by commuters in the UK, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Athens and other major cities around the world, affecting millions of journeys every year and making waiting in line for tickets a thing of the past.

Our mission is to create stress-free, frictionless journeys for passengers and help streamline operations for transport agencies. We improve daily life around the globe by simplifying the way people move around cities. We strive to make the world a better place – one ride at a time.

The IT Operations Team

In IT Operations we follow an “Infrastructure as code” philosophy to deploy and manage the many servers that allow commuters all around the world to buy their tickets on their mobile phones. We recognise that this is a really big responsibility and we are proud and excited to be able to make such a big impact on people’s daily lives.

We love our devs! They are an awesome bunch that feel the same way about our product as we do, so we try our best to give them all the support and tools they need to deliver this world changing product. We don’t like getting in the way, so in general we try to enable others to do things themselves, by automating as much as possible and giving them the buttons to push. This isn’t easy because the environment needs to be PCI compliant, but we see that as a cool challenge, and so far we are doing great!

We also love AWS. AWS services like EC2 and RDS allow us to do so much with so little, so we use it as much as possible and try avoid deploying anything to our in-house VMware cluster. We also like Docker – we don’t love it yet, but who knows :)

We have a lot of fun in Ops, mostly laughing at with each other about stupid things, but when the business needs us, we are there for them. We believe that it is our personal responsibility to ensure that our commuter friends in Boston or Athens or New York are able to ride the train/bus with our app, so we do everything that it takes to ensure that

Where do you come in?

You will have experience in computing, either in ops or in development. You will be using Linux as your server OS of choice, but to be fair you’ll use whatever works. You can code. 

If you are currently in ops, from day one you have scripted your admin tasks, so you are comfortable talking about your code with a developer. You probably started out on bash, but nowadays you use something more powerful like Python or Ruby because bash just doesn’t cut it anymore.

You are aware of the power of AWS and newer things like containerisation – either from your own commercial experience or because you play with them at home when you get bored. You don’t rack servers, but you’ll help the Service Desk guy carry those boxes because he’s an awesome guy and, well, why wouldn’t you?

If you are currently a developer, infrastructure excites you and DevOps seems like an interesting new playground. You enjoy learning different programming languages and are not afraid of trying something new.

Although you enjoy working by yourself (normally at home, just getting things done) you are happier when working with your teammates, solving complex business-critical problems. Your teammates often become your friends, because they have similar interests to you, and you respect their contribution to the group. You get excited when someone can teach you something new. You get excited when someone near you succeeds, especially if you had a little something to do with it.

The Infrastructure

  • Linux
  • Amazon EC2, RDS, ELB, Autoscaling, CloudFormation
  • Puppet, Artifactory
  • Jenkins, Bamboo
  • Git
  • MySQL
  • Logentries


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