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Tettnang, Germany

Posted on Feb 10 2017 (over 7 years ago)

About the company:

Headquartered in one of the most picturesque surroundings of Germany, our company invites IT specialists from all over the world. By now our team has been joined by professionals from over 50 countries. And we still have got a lot of room to grow. “Thinking without borders” is a business concept that puts us forth before the rest. If you ever dreamt to build a fabulous career, this is your chance. We are ready to help you professionally grow and explore new opportunities. During 30 years of company’s existence we’ve achieved quite a number of awards which we are proud of. And surely we do have a rich experience to share.

Your Role:

You will expand your сareer opportunities by undertaking Software Developer position  with relocation and will reach new highs in our company. Valuable experience, various opportunities and prospects await for you once you join our full time position. Software Developer job with relocation to Germany entails:

  • Maintain, develop and adapt safety extensions to the recent browser features (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer);
  • Advance new features for the applications;
  • Work with the variety of modern coding languages (C++, C#, JavaScript, CoffeeScript);
  • Integrate your experience in JavaScript Frontend/ Extension;
  • Apply your skills with layouts (HTML);
  • Application of new features (integration with backend systems,design UI and modules that could be adopted in the future);
  • Apply behavior-driven framework Jasmine to perform Unit testing;
  • Survey variety of technologies and frameworks;
  • Share and contribute with your ideas to our Agile environment atmosphere.

Your qualification:

  • 3+ years of experience with JavaScript;
  • Experience in Layout/HTML/CSS;
  • Basic knowledge of common web frameworks;
  • Knowledge of software development process;
  • Experience with Unit testing/Test-Driven Development;
  • Ability to troubleshoot software problems;
  • Understanding of Git;
  • Experience with Browser extensions would be a plus.

Additional info:

  • IDE (Webstorm, Selenium, ...)
  • Browser Developer Tools
  • Node.js
  • Package managment: npm, bower
  • Web frameworks: express
  • Linux: OS utils, shell scripting
  • Tools: gulp, browserify, sass
  • Continious Integration: Jenkins, Bamboo
  • Scrum

Additional information:

The company is located in a picturesque place of Germany, 7 km away from the shores of the Lake of Constance. Tettnang is not a big city, and yet it’s a wonderful place to work and stay in. Living in Tettnang will give you a unique opportunity to visit some of the key European countries. It’s located on the border of Switzerland and in 180 km away from Munchen. Such location makes Tettnang a nice place to move to, so your choice of Software Developer job with relocation to Germany is potentially a wonderful experience. You will be able to freely travel and at the same time, most of the time live in a quiet suburban area of Germany. The Lake of Constance which Tettnang is famous for, lies on the borders of three European countries, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. You should definitely go out there with your family on a picnic. It’s the lake (similarly to the company) that has got no borders. The three above countries didn’t sign any agreement with regards to the geographic borders of the lake so they actually don’t exist. So, Software Developer opportunity with relocation to Germany promises many opportunities for you!


For additional details on this role contact - Anna Kalniei

Skype: kalniei 

Have a great day!


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