Sr. Front-End Developer at ZhuKo.Net

New York, NY, NY, United States of America

Posted on Nov 11 2016 (over 7 years ago)

You will be part of a team that offers UI implementation expertise to development teams across R&A projects. Projects are highly varied and can range from specialised risk management applications for front-office staff to regulatory dashboards to specialised data visualisation applications. Applications need to be coded to a very high standard with developers having expert knowledge of creating high-performance applications, able to display large volumes of data and developed to run on a scalable, global infrastructure.

An established R&A UX design team work closely with users and technology teams to develop design solutions. You will then be responsible for implementing these designs either as prototypes or as fully deployed applications. The UIs to be built will follow the strategic technology stack and standards using Typescript and Angular.js within the constraints of a flexible design language.

 Mandatory Skills:

  • Experience of building Single-Page Applications in one or more popular JavaScript MVC, MV* frameworks. Angular.js is preferred
  • Experience of Microsoft Typescript or ES6 and OO JavaScript: JavaScript objects, “classes”, prototypes based inheritance
  • Experience of taking a high resolution design (Photoshop or Illustrator files) and implementing them in HTML5 / CSS / JS solutions
  • Experience of developing responsive applications targeting multiple screen dimensions and multiple devices.
  • Experience of D3.js or similar data visualisation libraries
  • DOM Operations optimization, related design principles, avoiding reflows and repaints
  • CSS Expert: Including selectors, transitions, different box models and display styles
  • Functional JavaScript: details of JS functions behaviour, custom context, aspects and patterns of functional programming
  • Asynchronous operations and patterns to deal with those (mostly details of promises patterns)
  • Client – Server communication, REST services, real time communication using web sockets, cross origin policy
  • Writing Unit testing and testable code e.g Karma
  • Practical knowledge of CSS pre-processors like SASS/LESS etc
  • Practical knowledge of popular development tools like npm, grunt, gulp, karma, jspm etc.

Preferred Skills:

  • Masters or Degree in a technical discipline
  • Knowledge of working with UX teams and designers.
  • Experience of working in a Financial organisation or awareness of financial concepts
  • Experience of DevOps environments and platforms (git, TeamCity etc)
  • Familiarity with an Agile approach to development.


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