Support Engineer at EDELWEISS Management Consulting GmbH

Berlin, Germany

Posted on Oct 01 2015 (over 1 year ago)


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Since 2002, we produce graphics software that performs most of the painstaking work of creating data-driven slides for professional Excel and PowerPoint users. From a business perspective, the key to our success is a unique solution to a pressing business problem. Our customers and users are influential professionals that are extremely satisfied with our software and help spread it by word of mouth.

We take great pride in our software, and have an excellent reputation for our technical support. Independently, you handle problems from the receipt of a support ticket to its analysis, tracing problems all the way to their resolution in development.

When you receive a ticket, our customer should get timely and reliable feedback, usually within a few hours, either with the solution or a suggestion for further troubleshooting. If a phone call or a remote support session is needed, you will quickly realize that our customers are busy people, and that you must use your time well. Ask the right questions, be perceptive of the little things, and use the right tools to find the unusual configuration, the virus, the third party tool, the particular file or action that is causing trouble.

Once you have found the problem and talked it through with one of the developers, we will make sure that this same problem does not bother you again. If it is in our code, we will fix it, no questions asked. If the bug is in third party code, you will contact the vendor and convince them to fix it. Quite often they do, even the big names. If they don't, you write a knowledge base article, which is searchable on our web site. 90% of your time you will spend on problems that you have never seen before, which will keep up the challenge.

Besides working on tickets, you will evaluate new tools that may help you in your work, or even write them yourself or work with one of our developers. We have our own automatic error reporting framework and ship a diagnostic tool, both of which are constantly being improved - soon, perhaps, by you.

The qualities we are looking for are similar to those of a software developer, with the same strong problem-solving abilities, but a bit less emphasis on algorithmic skills and in return more emphasis on organizational and communication skills. Experience with the Windows architecture and Intel assembly code are a plus. If you have analyzed a minidump before, even better. Since you will be managing our many international customers in addition to our German customers, this position requires that you are fluent in both German and English.

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