Technical Product Owner at Skyscanner

Glasgow or Edinburgh, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Posted on Mar 22 2015 (about 9 years ago)


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Q. What do you get when you cross a product owner and a propeller head?

A. Technical Product Owner

A common sight in Silicon Valley nowadays, Technical Product Owners are still a rare breed in Europe. At Skyscanner, this unique combination of Product and Platform Manager is highly prized. The new species brings technical and product knowledge together in a role that delivers serious added value to our Spotify Squads model. If you are already one of these demigods, we’d love to hear from you. If, on the other hand, you are interested in becoming one, please read on.

Skyscanner is on a journey of phenomenal growth. Over 30 million people every day trust us to turn their travel nightmares into sweet dreams. Our technical product owners are responsible for providing a data services platform that powers our website and mobile device front ends. They also own the product roadmap, steer development priorities and set the agenda of each sprint with the engineering team. There are two routes in: you may currently be in an architectural or senior engineering role but find you have a knack for the product side of the business. Or you could be a product owner with an interest in honing your technical skills. Either way you will currently be at squad leader/technical manager level and have a desire to expand your knowledge, a penchant for experimentation and a willingness to change your career direction.

If you’re ready to evolve yourself and your career to a new level, don’t delay, apply today.

You can offer us:

Good business and domain knowledge and understanding. An innate curiosity coupled with a hunger to learn. A love of analytics and data science. A desire to meet challenges. A pro-active, collaborative, can-do attitude.

We can offer you:

  • The freedom to make big decisions and see your product roadmap being turned into reality.
  • The thrill of seeing your creation used by millions of customers and be an instant success (or otherwise).
  • The opportunity to work with really smart people on both sides of the technical divide.
  • An excellent career move (you may never need to job hunt again).
  • A great place to work in a sector that’s full of surprises and inspiration.

What do you need to apply? A Technical/Computer Science degree or demonstrable relevant experience. 6/7 years internet economy experience. Familiar with database design/REST API design/open source technologies.


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Hi there, is this position still available? Thanks.


thanks lorraine, will do so, also do note that i have one of the founders of, a fledgling OTA and so have the experience you'll are looking for.


Is there a way to directly apply for this job? I have GDS experience in Amadeus and in integrating online bed banks like expedia/gta/hotelbeds etc. But to fill so many forms is too time consuming. Is there an email id to where i can send this application directly?


Hi there, this link takes you to our direct application page which takes around 5 minutes to complete. This is the link in our advert and one that takes you to the apply page - so you shouldn't have too many forms to complete. We do need you to complete this page as this means your application will enter our system rather than us receiving an email from you and manually uploading every applicant's details into our candidate application database. If you are struggling to complete this please let me know but I assure you it shouldn't take you longer than 5 minutes or so. We look forward to receiving your application. Thanks Lorraine