UI Expert at SpotOn Connections

Malta, Malta

Posted on Jan 31 2020 (over 4 years ago)

Job Responsibilities:

1. Perform high-quality business / product UI visual design and lead the development of visual specifications;

2. Mining requirements from the user's perspective, and providing reasonable systematic design solutions for product functions and features;

3. Independently undertake the project, lead the innovation of the team's visual design thinking consciousness, and achieve breakthroughs in user experience and visuals of product visual presentation;

4. Rich design experience, participate in interface design of app, web, h5, etc., with powerful design driving force.




1. Graduated from the design major of an art college, and has a unique understanding and systematic study of design (non-art college graduates will not be considered);

2.  5 years of relevant work experience, leading many sets of mature UI design works, and rich experience in visual design of multi-platform products;

3. Have a keen sense of design for various Internet product trends, have design creativity and passion, and have a spirit of exploration and research;

4. Strong logical thinking ability, master the skills of business demand analysis and product demand decomposition;

5.Strong learning ability, good communication and design expression ability, good teamwork attitude, proactive, practical and careful, strong coordination ability


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